AFSCME Local 391

Pursuant to the Language in the NP4 Collective Bargaining Agreement:

"Wage Reopener for 2024-2025 (for effective date July 1, 2024). Either party, by a notice in writing no sooner than January 1, 2024, may reopen Article 17 (Compensation), Section 1A, (General Increases) and Section 2, (Annual Increments) only. During any “opener” contemplated under this provision, only sections one A and two of Article 17 (Compensation), shall be open and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect." Pg. 31

*Therefore, the Union representatives notified the employer in writing stating the option to negotiate the "wage Reopener" language on January 1, 2024

Contract Year 4 wage Re-Opener Negotiations Survey Questions

The 3 Issues to be negotiated are listed below-Please complete the survey so the union best serves the members.